About Tekniplaz

Many factors have to come together to produce parts which are world class in their quality and commercially viable including high-calibre product development expertise and technology, state-of-the-art precision engineering and mould toolmaking facilities along with modification, repairs and maintenance.

All of that expertise is in-house at Tekniplaz. That’s why, Tekniplaz is trusted by so many clients to breathe production life into their existing projects and their fresh ideas.

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01. Tekniplaz Services

Mould Toolmaking

So you’ve arrived at the design you want. The prototype works. Now it’s time to put it into production. That involves investing in the tooling which takes in-depth technological expertise and equipment – that’s all in-house under one roof at Tekniplaz.

Your product may call for low-volume, semi-automatic, aluminium or pilot tooling to high volume, multi-impression, fully automatic, production tooling. Mould tool design including plastic injection and zinc die-casting are at the heart of Tekniplaz expertise.

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02. Tekniplaz Services

Product Development

Tekniplaz provides high-calibre product development expertise and technology from product design and photo-realistic visualisation to in house prototyping, CNC machining and digital reverse engineering.

You have an idea of an injection-moulded or precision-engineered component. It may be a brand-new part for a brand-new product or to improve a market-leader. You may be looking to reverse-engineer an existing product.

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03. Tekniplaz Services

Precision Engineering

With access to the very latest equipment, continuous investment and rigorous production processes, our world class, state-of-the-art engineering facilities ensure all Tekniplaz projects are unfailingly completed to the highest standards of precision, accuracy and quality.

Whether machining metal or plastic, injection-moulded components, both processes require obsessive attention to detail and precision. Tekniplaz on site resources include state of the equipment.

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04. Latest Case Study

New improved – B-Scan Lite from Sperry – proves a hit at Railtex

Sperry Rail stirred interest at Railtex with the launch of its new, improved B-Scan Lite rail inspection technology. B-Scan Lite tests for faults in rails using ultrasonic technology. Craig Payne, Sperry Rail electrical engineer, explains how B-Scan Lite was improved and why it was positively received.

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