New improved – B-Scan Lite from Sperry – proves a hit at Railtex

Sperry Rail stirred interest at Railtex with the launch of its new, improved B-Scan Lite rail inspection technology. B-Scan Lite tests for faults in rails using ultrasonic technology. Craig Payne, Sperry Rail electrical engineer, explains how B-Scan Lite was improved and why it was positively received.

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From 3D prototype to working in China in 72 hours

Across the world, modern trains are getting faster and rail networks are getting busier which means the rails of rail networks are under greater stress and demand. Therefore, the track needs to be inspected regularly to prevent any major accidents. Iain Veitch, rail engineer at Sperry which manufactures test systems for the rail industry, explains how rapid prototyping demonstrates British engineering is world-class.

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