Plastic and metal components

You have an idea of an plastic injection-moulded or precision-engineered component.

It may be a brand-new part for a brand-new product or to improve a market-leader. You may be looking to reverse-engineer an existing product.

Supporting you right through the design and manufacture process

When you’re producing a precision component, you need a specialist who understands how to develop your product from a concept through to a detailed, photo-realistic design, prototype and into production.

It takes a special combination of technical skills and expertise coupled with creativity and plenty of experience to make high-functioning products which, not only look world-class and well-designed but are also cost-effective to manufacture. Using industry leading SolidWorks CAD Software allows us to generate an array of 3D Models, assemblies and 2D Drawings. Our bespoke rendering applications and skills transform your CAD Model into photo-realistic proposals.

When a design is agreed and ready to be physically explored, our in-house Stratasys Polyjet and FDM 3D Printing technologies can be a rapid way of presenting the fully formed highly detailed model or assembly within hours in a variety of materials to suit your needs.

Some of the technologies we can assist our clients with are:

  • Vacuum casting
  • Ideal for small batch prototype production.
  • CNC & Conventional Machining
  • Gives the flexibility to create parts in house, using customer specified materials not achievable by the above processes.


Plastic and Metal Component Development

You know what you want

You may know exactly what sort of component you want: dimensions, materials, how it would best be produced and the production requirements both in the immediate and long terms.

If that sounds like your case, as part of our investment in you, let us show you how we’d add value to your idea and programme its production so that you finish with a commercially-viable product.

You want help shaping your idea

But that’s often not the case. You may not be clear that plastic injection moulding is an option for your component. Innovations and advancements in materials and processes now mean that precision-engineered, plastic components are resistant to pressure, chemical attack and heat extremes more than ever.

Plastic Product Development

Access to design documentation

If you have a physical part – a sample component – which needs reverse engineering, Tekniplaz uses several methods to generate both 2D and 3D documentation to laser-accurate/exact supplied geometry.

Call us on +44 (0)1623 880400 or email info@tekniplaz.com to help us understand your idea so we can illustrate the Tekniplaz approach.

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