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Mould Toolmaking

Plastic Injection Mould Toolmaking

Developing a new product can range from research, design and prototyping to reverse engineering an existing product to establish the specifications needed for manufacturing.

Tekniplaz specialises in the manufacture of the highest quality, precision plastic injection mould tools in the UK, backed up by comprehensive maintenance, modifications, and repair services for existing tooling.

Plastic Injection Mould Tool Manufacture & Design

We recognise that clients’ key needs are quality, precision, rapid turnaround time and pricing – we combine all to produce world-class mould tools.

We continuously invest in cutting-edge machine tools and software technology from the world’s industry-leading machine manufacturers and software developers, as well as our renowned team of highly skilled engineers to ensure that we always deliver the best tooling and services achievable.

We source only the highest quality materials and components from the UK and Europe, and guarantee seamless, top-tier tooling solutions.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and remaining at the forefront of technology extends to scheduling and planning each project to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensure prompt on-time delivery and deliver matchless quality and precision.

It enables us to step outside the everyday boundaries of manufacturing and draw on our expertise to develop novel solutions to the most challenging problems and produce your products to the specifications you require.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art UK tooling facility and factory
  • Comprehensive DFM (design for manufacture) reports
  • Top-tier design and development assistance
  • Cost-effective in-house prototyping with our Stratasys commercial FDM machines
  • 2D and 3D product and tool design, available in native software specifications
  • Excellence in achieving textures, grains, and polishing to meet industry standards
  • Test and/or short production runs prior to tooling delivery on request

Mould tool manufacture, tooling modifications and dedicated offshore tooling solutions.

As your pioneering partner, we consistently deliver the highest quality, provide unwavering service, and excel in precision, talk to us about how we can partner with you to ensure your products achieve world-class quality. If you’re thinking about mould tooling, you need to be thinking about Tekniplaz.

Plastics Industry & Precision Engineers

Enhancing business growth through Innovative & creative product development

Got a Project? Talk to an Engineer

With very fast turnaround times and offshore facilities also available, Tekniplaz offer the complete turnkey service.

Why choose us?

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