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Precision Engineering

Prototypes, Unique Creations, and Efficient Production

Prototypes, Unique Creations, and Efficient Production

Precision Engineering

At Tekniplaz, our precision engineering capabilities span the entire spectrum, from manufacturing prototypes and one off pieces to managing full-scale production runs.

With our technical prowess and extensive knowledge of materials and material treatment processes, we are equipped to manufacture custom components that match your specifications precisely.

Our engineering expertise

Our state-of-the-art CNC machining centres, bolstered by comprehensive CAD/CAM software support, provide versatile manufacturing capabilities. This enables us to efficiently handle both CNC batch production and the fabrication of unique bespoke items and rapid prototypes.
Tekniplaz incorporates the latest cutting-edge Wire EDM machining, which delivers 4-Axis Parallel or Tapered Precision Cutting with impeccable surface finishes. Equipped with Auto Re-thread functionality, industry beating speed and accuracy due to the implementation of linear shaft motor technology.
Our CNC Sink/Spark EDM operations boast the very latest technology and full CNC control over X, Y, Z & U axes. Further enhanced by an automatic Electrode Tool Changer and advanced software, it facilitates the machining of intricate multi-positional cavities with multiple tool changes with unparalleled speed & accuracy with the implementation of linear motor technology.
All our CNC processes are seamlessly integrated with dedicated CAD/CAM software, including popular platforms like SolidWorks and Autodesk. This software arsenal empowers us to excel in the design process and machine tool programming.
We specialise in precision surface grinding, consistently achieving highly accurate finishing with tolerances as tight as 5 microns in dimension size.
Our 2-axis CNC turret milling capabilities allow for headstock swivelling over 90 degrees and pivoting through 45 degrees, offering exceptional flexibility in use.
At Tekniplaz, we leverage cutting-edge CMM technology for precise, reverse-engineered parts with micrometre precision. This technology provides magnified visual representations with probed points of reference, allowing us to generate CAD data for design or to support in-house component manufacturing. Each component produced within our facility is rigorously inspected against the corresponding 3D CAD data to ensure a near zero tolerance is achieved.

Our highest priority is to
achieve matchless quality

In every facet of our work, whether it involves machining exotic materials, plastic, or injection-moulded components, we maintain an unwavering commitment to detail and precision. At Tekniplaz, precision engineering is not just a practice, it’s our obsession.

Talk to us about your precision engineering requirements and how we can deliver the products and services you need.

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With very fast turnaround times and offshore facilities also available, Tekniplaz offer the complete turnkey service.

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