Mould tool manufacturer

Tekniplaz offer highly competitive toolmaking, modifications, repairs and ongoing support at our midlands-based facility.

Continuous investment in equipment, technology plus a highly skilled & experienced team of engineers ensure that we deliver high quality, on time, cost-effective and reliable tooling solutions with ongoing support to our ever-increasing customer base.

Plastic injection mould design & toolmaker

Fully hardened, multi cavity, hot feed tooling through to aluminium low volume cold feed tooling solutions (and anything in between) are all catered for.

We maintain, modify and repair your existing tooling even if you don’t have any original manufacturing data.

In addition to our comprehensive midlands facility we have over many years developed and continue to maintain extensive successful long term far eastern partnerships to offer a truly dynamic service.

Some projects require Tekniplaz’s wrap-around, specialist processes such as:

  • 4-Axis Wire EDM machining
  • High speed CNC machining
  • CNC spark erosion
  • Mould filling analysis
  • Dedicated CAD/CAM Softwares
  • Traditional manual machining

Mould Tooling Design

Providing highly completive tooling with unbeatable lead times on all tooling but especially on larger tooling projects. All tooling sourced and managed via the far east is essentially a Tekniplaz product, fully managed, delivered and supported vis our midlands facility.

Tekniplaz’s Far East engineering facility operates with the UK management and ongoing support at its HQ in the Midlands and provides

  • Purpose-built, state-of-the-art UK tooling facility and factory (2016)
  • DFM (design for manufacture) reports
  • Design and development service with in-house development engineers
  • Prototyping at cost with our state of the art polyjet and FDM machines
  • 2D and 3D tool design – available in native software specifications
  • Steel specification
  • Material selection and material certification
  • Ancillary specifications to European standards
  • Textures, grains, polishing to optical and automotive standards
  • Feed system and runner specification selection
  • Bespoke mechanical movement specifications designed and implemented
  • TO/TI sampling, shipping and delivery
  • ISIR for trial components
  • Capability studies
  • PPAP prior to delivery on request
  • Manufacturing moulding parameters
  • Test/short production runs prior to tooling delivery
  • Dedicated logistics in support of tooling and products including customs and duties.

Plastic Injection Mould Tooling Manufacturer

Tooling quotes within 48 hours

RFQs (requests for quote) are responded to within 48 hours and often on the same day.


Tekniplaz has specialist comprehensive insurance to cover the manufacture and transportation of your goods both in the UK and internationally.

Call us on +44 (0)1623 880400 or email info@tekniplaz.com to help us understand your idea so we can illustrate the Tekniplaz approach.

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