Prototypes, one-offs & batch runs

We can assist you on all levels of precision engineering from prototypes and ‘one offs’ to full production runs. Using our technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge of materials and material treatment processes, we can help produce bespoke components to your exacting specifications.

We are proud to offer our engineering expertise in the following:

  • A range of 3-Axis CNC Machining Centres with full CAD/CAM Software Support giving flexible manufacturing capabilities for CNC batch production as well as’One Off’ unique bespoke items and Rapid Prototypes.
  • Tekniplaz brings together the latest in Wire EDM machining which offers 4-Axis Parallel or Tapered Precision Cutting to a high-quality surface finish. Combined with Auto Re-thread and a maximum cutting thickness of 200mm fully aided by a dedicated CAM Software lets us cut in regions where Milling is not an option.
  • CNC Spark EDM with full CNC control of X,Y and Z Axes with full 360 Degree Head rotation, 16-Station Electrode Tool Changer and Software to endorse complex multi-positional cavities with multiple Tool Changers.

Precision Engineering

  • All CNC processes coupled with dedicated CAD/CAM Software which include multiple seats of SolidWorks and ZW3d to name a few giving unparalleled performance in Product Design and Machine Programming.
  • Precision Surface Grinding for highly accurate finishing routinely working to tolerances of 5 microns in dimension size.
  • Turret Milling with the ability to swivel the headstock over 90 Degrees and pivot through 45 Degrees gives great flexibility in use.
  • Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) represents the ultimate in this technological field. Capitalised for precise, reverse engineered parts with micrometre precision with a magnified visual representation with probed points of the referred part. From this, CAD data can be produced for design or as full support to manufactured in-house components.

Wire Erosion

With the range of Inspection equipment that Tekniplaz utilise, whether it`s machining metal, plastic or injection-moulded components all require obsessive attention to detail and precision.

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Precision Engineering

CNC machining . Wire EDM . CNC spark erosion . Manual machining . Surface grinding