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Developing a new product can range from research, design and prototyping to reverse engineering an existing product to establish the specifications needed for manufacturing.

These processes all require advanced design and engineering skills, state-of-the art equipment and technology, and a natural problem-solving capability to drive innovation.

Product development
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Tekniplaz offers all of this as your single-source product development partner. We apply all the resources of our engineering expertise and Centre of Manufacturing Excellence to the development of your products, whether you are new to product design or an experienced manufacturer. Together we develop and manufacture world-class products.

We bring your ideas to life and draw on our outstanding reputation for innovating to devise practical solutions even to the thorniest design and production challenges.

Creating a partnership based on total trust, our skilled engineers discuss your idea with you and consider all aspects of your proposed product, including design, materials, production and cost-effectiveness.

Supporting you right through the design and manufacture process

When you’re producing a precision component, you need a specialist who understands how to develop your product from a concept through to a detailed, photo-realistic design, prototype and into production.

It takes a special combination of technical skills and expertise coupled with creativity and plenty of experience to make high-functioning products which, not only look world-class and well-designed but are also cost-effective to manufacture. Using industry leading SolidWorks CAD Software allows us to generate an array of 3D Models, assemblies and 2D Drawings. Our bespoke rendering applications and skills transform your CAD Model into photo-realistic proposals.

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Enhancing business growth through Innovative & creative product development

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With very fast turnaround times and offshore facilities also available, Tekniplaz offer the complete turnkey service.

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